Private Cord Blood Banking

If you’re considering storing stem cells from your newborn’s cord blood, you only have one opportunity to do so – immediately after your child is born.

As you make this important decision, we’re here to provide unbiased advice about things to consider.  Simply put, when choosing a cord blood bank, your top priority should be to ensure your child’s cord blood is safe and effective in the event of a transplant.  In general this means extracting as many stem cells as possible, while  removing most of the red blood cells.

Since there is only a certain amount of stem cells in each collection, it’s important to choose the most effective processing method .  Naturally, every cord blood bank claims their process is the best and their yield is the highest.  We’re here to help you understand the differences in cord blood processing methods and what really matters.

Unbiased researchers from the Newcastle Centre for Cord Blood, Institute of Human Genetics, asked themselves which processing method was best.  They published their findings in the International Journal of Stem Cells, concluding that our method outperformed hetastarch, a first generation technology used by many cord blood banks.

We know there is a lot to think about during your pregnancy.  If you are thinking about any product claim made about stem cells in the cord blood industry, always ask for published research in peer-reviewed journals, like the International Journal of Stem Cells, to back-up marketing claims about stem cell yields!

Private Cord Blood Banking Plans

Cord For Life® offers a number of plans to meet your growing family’s cord blood banking needs. We have standard and premium cord blood banking plans designed to fit your budget.  We also offer prepaid storage options to help you prepare for the future.  It’s our goal to make is as easy as possible to build the plan that’s right for you.

Standard Plan

Our Standard Plan covers everything you need to bank your newborn’s cord blood.

It includes our Cord Blood Collection Kit, PremierMax® Processing, Shipping, and 1-year of FREE storage.



Premium Plan

Our Premium Plan offers 21 years of storage at a significant savings!

Just like our Standard Plan, it cover everything you need to bank your newborn’s cord blood.  It includes our Cord Blood Collection Kit, PremierMax® Processing, and Shipping.

$4,999 Only $3,299  SAVE $1,700!



June 7, 2018

So much research is going on with stem cells from cord blood as scientists work to unlock the secrets of stem cells.  Much of the research centers on the anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells from umbilical cord blood. Medical research into stem cells is ongoing, offering the potential to treat diseases or injuries that have […]

June 7, 2018

Stem cells perform three important functions:  1.  They renew themselves; 2. Differentiate into other cells; and 3. Renew other cells. Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) can restore the immune system following  chemotherapy or radiation for leukemia, lymphoma, and other life-threatening diseases. Historically, HSCs have only been available from bone marrow and peripheral blood transplants.  As cord […]

June 7, 2018

In addition to potentially life-saving stem cells, your newborn’s umbilical cord blood also contains their DNA.   Storing your child’s cord blood ensures that their baseline genetic information will be available if ever needed. What Can Genes Tell Us? The sum total of all the information coded into your child’s individual genes is their genome.  Simply […]

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